students of kgkp "Kamshat Donenbayeva Vocational College" at home


In order to prevent an epidemic rise in the incidence of influenza and SARS and an increase in the incidence of coronovirus infection in the world, which has a high mortality rate, based on the PP.4 clause 13 of article 21 of the Code of RK "on people's health and healthcare system" the College is transitioning to distance education students. In this regard, we ask parents to read and take note of the recommendations of the College for the further education of Your children.


Parents ( or legal representatives ) of students are familiar with the work schedule, schedule of classes , the process of organizing educational work:

- monitor the implementation of tasks by students;

- keep in touch with the p/o master;

- create conditions for learning.

During the pandemic, parents are fully responsible for keeping their children at home.

We recommend limiting visits to cultural and entertainment centers, receiving guests, and leaving the locality.

Strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene for all family members.


The student must:


Informs the master of the p/o about the work being done;
Is in daily contact with teachers;
Get acquainted with the schedule , topics, and content of classes through the available means of communication;
Daily visits (if available) e-mail and other communication systems and technologies to get educational material for self-study;
Performs tasks independently on a daily basis ( via available means of communication);
Daily provides completed tasks in accordance with the requirements of teachers by sending a scan or photo of completed tasks to the teacher;
Observes the rules of academic integrity and the principle of self-control when performing educational tasks through available electronic resources.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!!!

After receiving the memo, call the p/o master