Specialty: 1401000 " Construction and operation of buildings and structures»

1401042 " Plasterer»

Full-time education. Training period 3 years 10 months.

This profession provides a wide opportunity for employment and application of their knowledge in practice.

Who in our country builds houses, makes repairs? The state needs workers. And if the hands are also hard-working, then any employer will try to keep such a person closer to him. As a result, after a few years of training as a plasterer, you can easily find a job with a decent salary.

General characteristics of the profession of plasterers

Plasterer takes an active part in the construction and repair-he is fully responsible for the surface of the room. Plasters the walls and ceiling, paints, Wallpaper, makes a decorative finish. The advantages of the work are obvious-it is a stable salary, the opportunity to develop, a constant creative process. Of the minuses - physical labor. Possible.that winter will have to get out to the construction site and work.


In specially equipped training workshops, students learn the basic techniques and methods of plaster, painting and cladding works.


Fragments of practical training


Vocational training

Plasterer must have knowledge about all materials used in the work and their innovations. To be able to mix colors to carry out decorative finishes. Know about all types of wall treatment not only in theory but also in practice.

"Related" professions for plasterers-designer, artist, Mason, teacher. Having mastered the profession completely plasterer can easily go to the next level. If there is a desire, it is very difficult to break away from the constant creation of new ideas and their implementation with their own hands.

Also, students majoring in "Plasterer" actively participate in the social and socially significant life of the College. Sports competitions are held.Traditionally, competitions of professional skills and Olympiads are held.