Specialty 1504000 " Farming»

Qualification 1504062 " Tractor driver of agricultural production»

In accordance with the state license of the AB series No. 13001897 dated February 15, 2013, issued by the Department for control in the field of education of Kostanay region, the College has the right to implement professional training programs of technical and vocational education in the specialty 1504000 "Farming" and qualification 1504062 "Tractor driver of agricultural production". Training of specialists in the specialty 1504000 "Farming" qualification 1504062 "Tractor-driver of agricultural production" in the College is carried out since September 1, 2006. The term of study is 2 years 10 months on the basis of basic secondary education.

Admission of students is carried out on a budgetary basis. Training on this specialty is carried out on the internal form in Russian. Upon completion of the course training 1504062 "Tractor-driver of agricultural production" students acquire skills of driving in accordance with the requirements of the job description, master the techniques of felling works, those works which should be taken by the fitter of the 3rd category, methods and installation methods for storage under local conditions, to be able to repair is not complicated components and assemblies that do not require special, sophisticated equipment to be able to prepare to carry out work on a selected unit and verify quality of work, to carry out the full scope of maintenance of machine and tractor aggregates.

The number of teachers conducting training sessions in this specialty in the 2013-2014 academic year is 33, of which 5 people have the highest qualification category (Karplyuk L. F., Yakimenko V. N., Govorov B. P., Mashchenko T. P., Kozhukhovskaya V. F..), with the first qualification category of teachers-9 (Zhanarstanova M. N., Skorokhodova D. S., Pavelko Yu. V., Kuchkina S. F., Kasharina O. V., Baranov A. N., Filipenko O. G., Dumin V. V., Shvechikhin V. I..) With higher education 18 teachers and 1 with secondary special. Masters of industrial training, working in this specialty, 14 with higher education-7, with secondary special-6, secondary education with the assignment of the working profession-1 . The highest qualification category has 2 masters of industrial training (Andreeva Yu. V. and Gordiev A. N.) and the first-3 people (Streltsov D. A., Ivanchenko Yu. V. and Skidin A. N.). The share of teachers and masters of industrial training with the highest and first qualification categories is 57.8%, which meets the requirements for licensing the organization of technical and vocational education. Full-time employees-31 people.

Professional development of teachers is carried out on courses of professional development in IPK and PRO, branch OF ncpk "Orleu". In the 2013-2014 academic year, 13 teachers (39.4%) improved their qualifications.

One of the main issues in the system of improving pedagogical skills and professionalism is the certification of teachers. In the 2013-2014 academic year, one teacher, leading training sessions in this specialty, was certified for the highest qualification category, 4 for 1 qualification category and 10 for the second. In the 2014-2015 academic year, 6 applied for the highest category, 1 for the first and 3 for the second.

The contingent of students in the College in this specialty for the 2014-2015 academic year is 120 people, including the number of first-year students is 50 people, second-year students 27, third-year students 43.

Representation of groups and areas comply with the sanitary rules "Sanitary - epidemiological requirements to the content , operation and learning environment of educational institutions of technical and higher professional education" approved by order of the Minister of health of Kazakhstan of August 3, 2010, No. 594 . All requirements and norms to placement of laboratories , production workshops on the basis of SNiP "Public buildings and constructions"are observed. Each training workshop or laboratory has a passport, inventory sheets, safety and health corners and logs on TB.

Admission of students is conducted in accordance with the Standard rules of admission to educational organizations that implement professional training programs of technical and vocational education, approved by the decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 19, 2012 No. 130. On the basis of this resolution, the College developed the "rules of admission" to the kgkp "Borovsk vocational College" Of the Department of education of the akimat of Kostanay region and agreed By the Department of education of the akimat of Kostanay region. The College fulfills the state order for 100%.

Educational practice.

Training is carried out in a complex consisting of workshops and laboratories. For the full implementation of the curricula and programs, the workshops have the basic equipment and the necessary tools for organizing and conducting the practice of obtaining primary professional skills.

In laboratories and workshops the basic and additional educational literature, visual AIDS, recommendations on carrying out laboratory and practical works are concentrated. Work plans and workshops have been approved. Laboratories and workshops comply with the norms and requirements of the SES.

There is a machine yard for the production and storage of equipment with an area of 1.2 hectares. the Circuit for the training of drivers of category B and C and tractor drivers of category A and B.

Specialty: 1504000-Farming, qualifications: 1504062-Tractor-driver of agricultural production in kgkp "Borovsk vocational College" Of the Department of education of the akimat of Kostanay region there is a laboratory for SHM area-135, 6m2, laboratory for cars and tractors area -184, 6m2, locksmith workshop area -65, 3M2.

Locksmith workshop area of 65, 3M2 is used for training programs: tractor-drivers of agricultural production.

In each operating training laboratory there are primary means of fire extinguishing, instructions for working with materials, in accordance with fire safety standards, which are set out in the passports. Masters of industrial training conduct safety briefing logs with students during the production work. For safe work there are primary means of fire safety in accordance with the requirements Of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "on safety and labor protection", "labor Protection in educational institutions".

In laboratory on SHM there is: Kartofelesazhalka SN-4B, Seeder SZS-2.1, Plow PLN-3-35, KPG-2-150, Cultivator KRN-5,6, Skating rink zkk-6. Purchased equipment in 2011-grain moisture Meter WILE-55.

In 2012 in laboratory SHM it is got: Model of an agricultural tractor - 1 piece model of the diesel engine - 1 piece a Set of wall posters "agricultural Machines" - 1 piece Electronic posters (CD) (the device of the car. Electrical equipment of the car. Internal combustion engine. Agricultural machines) - 1 set. Interactive whiteboard - 1 set. The multimedia Department.

In laboratory on tractors and cars there is: Engine D-65. The front axle of the car ZIL-130. Rear axle of GAZ-53.Engine D-50. The starter motor AP-10U. Transmission car GAS-53. Gearbox car ZIL-130. The engine ZMZ-53. BATTERY 6 ST-55. Starter. Pump NSH-32. Steering mechanism of the car M-412. Air cleaner (air filter housing GAZ-53). The clutch basket. The directional control valve in cross section. Booster pump (pump pump). Center differential of the car. Clutch with hydraulic booster. Drum type brakes. Energy accumulator. Brake chamber. Breaker-distributor ignition. The clutch basket. Relay-regulator. Generator.

In 2012, the laboratory for tractors and cars purchased: the Current layout of the car - 1 set. The current layout of the truck - 1 set. Transmission (layout) - 1 set. Injection gasoline engine (layout) - 1 set. Front suspension and steering (layout) - 1 set. Carburetor (layout) - 1 set. Automated training system (AOC - a driving simulator) "ATKV-2M" - 2 sets. Interactive video projector ultrashort-1 set. The multimedia Department.

In the locksmith workshop there is: drilling Machine ST-20J 750W. Emery Crowh CT 3609. Drilling machine ST-16J 550W.. Scissors on metal. Hacksaw on metal. Chisel locksmith. Caliper SCHTS-1-125-0,1. Micrometer MK-75-100 mm. set of taps and lerok. A locksmith's hammer. Mandrel with a diameter of 6.3 mm. Square. The line of metal. Set of carob keys (in the bag). Square file. The file is flat. The file is semicircular. The file is round. All equipment and tools were purchased in 2009-2010, and therefore do not require replacement.

Purchased equipment in 2012 in the locksmith workshop: workbench locksmith with a vise in the amount of 13 sets.

In 2012, the balance of kgkp "Borovsk vocational College" received such equipment as the combine "Yenisei-1200" and the car VAZ 21070. Combine "Yenisei-1200" is used in the fields of educational facilities during training practice in the specialty: 1504000-Farming, qualifications: 1504062-Tractor-driver of agricultural production, and the car VAZ 21070 is used in the training of driving in groups of drivers of category "B, C".

Creative coordinated work of the team allows us to successfully solve the problem of formation of specialists with an active life position, able to update the acquired knowledge

Professional practice

Industrial training and professional practice are an integral part of the educational process and are organized in accordance with the "Guidelines for the organization and conduct of professional practice of students of primary and secondary vocational schools", approved by the order of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 5, 2004 No. 287. The duration of professional practice is determined by the profile of the specialty and the curriculum, on the basis of the contract on the passage of practical training. Masters of industrial training control the passage of industrial practice.

Before entering the industrial practice, students are instructed on TB and the following documents are issued: a contract, a direction, a work schedule, a memo on the passage of practice.

Industrial training of students is carried out in training workshops and laboratories in accordance with the curricula and programs. Practice on the named specialties trained pass at the enterprises and in the organizations of the area under contracts. All students are provided with workplaces for the period of practice.

Social partnership agreements have been signed to strengthen ties with employers, small and medium-sized businesses.

At the direction on practice the order is made out, terms, the head and a place of practice are specified, instructing is carried out, there is a contract, the working schedule, the direction. At the end of the practice, students submit a report, diary and characteristics.

In training workshops, laboratories, machine yard of the educational institution students majoring in "Farming" qualification "Tractor-driver of agricultural production" master the techniques of maintenance, repair of mechanisms and equipment, disassembly and Assembly of units and assemblies, preparation of tillage equipment, seeder units and the entire machine-tractor fleet for sowing and harvesting companies.

At the training ground of the autodrome, students master the techniques of practical driving of vehicles in the categories "BC", in the management of tractors in the categories "AB".

Students of the group "Tractor-driver of agricultural production" under the guidance of the trainers engaged on the land training facilities (534 hectares), on the basis of technological maps to independently conduct the moisture, produce pre-sowing treatment of soil with subsequent organization of seeding, harrowing, rolling, learning to set the seeding rate and seeding depth. Thus, students at this stage of industrial training pass and independently carry out all complex of agrotechnical actions-on completion of field works. Similarly, industrial training of students during harvesting, grain cleaning, in the preparation and conduct of seed material to sowing conditions is organized.

MTS specialists are invited to the training sessions. They delivered a course of lectures on the operation of modern combine harvesters and tractors and the use of advanced technologies for growing crops.

Students during the practice keep diaries, which after the completion of the practice are surrendered and are a report.

Masters of industrial training according to the approved schedule exercise control over the passage of practice. After the completion of the practice, the masters hand over detailed reports on the students of the whole group.

The joint work of the educational institution and social partners makes it possible to improve and improve the quality of training of workers.

One of the effective forms of raising the level of qualification of future personnel in the profession is the work of the newly created - and "Advisory Council". The purpose of the Advisory Council is to improve the level of training of graduates and competitiveness in the labor market. The Board includes representatives of the basic enterprises, members of the parent community, teachers and masters of the College.

Consultants analyze reports on the results of training and practical training. Express their opinion on the shortcomings of training of students and develop a system of measures to address gaps in knowledge. The members of the Council is carried out jointly with the teachers of intermediate testing.

The composition of the qualification commissions includes representatives of employers with whom contracts for practical training have been concluded. A total of 14 contracts on the passage of professional practice by students until 2029.

Joint work of the College and social partners: LLP "Raskul", LLP "Agrofirma Borovskoye", LLP "Firm PIK", "PC Vita", SP "Krasnoborodikov" SP "Kakimov S. K." helps students: in obtaining positive results in education; in improving and consolidating quality knowledge; in the study and development of new technology; in the development of new energy-saving technologies; increases their competitiveness in the labor market; there are positive feedback from employers.

Employment opportunity.

Employment and demand for graduates in the specialty 1504000 "Farming" and qualification 1504062 "Tractor driver of agricultural production" is mainly 70 %.

Masters of industrial training in this profession monitors employment and provides assistance to graduates in employment.

According to the incoming applications of employers, the masters recommend employment options.

Every year, graduates meet with employees of the city employment Center, who acquaint students with available vacancies, with possible employment options under the program "Youth practice".

Masters of industrial training with graduate students attend job fairs.

Meetings are held with graduates who talk about their work, career opportunities, salary levels and factors that affect the possibility of employment in a higher-paying job in their chosen profession.

One of the indicators of the quality of training is the feedback of organizations-bases of practices on the level of theoretical training of students. For each graduate, a characteristic-review is compiled, on the basis of which students are enrolled in the reserve of basic enterprises with the prospect of subsequent employment.

The result of a great joint work of the educational institution with social partners is the full employment of graduates, their rapid career growth and further training in higher education institutions.