Teenagers and suicide

(Recommendations for parents and teachers)

(recommendations for teenagers)



Educational psychologist:

Kempf Natalia Alexandrovna

Objective: to preserve the psychological health of students, to create a favorable psychological climate in the organization of education and to provide psychological support to the participants of the educational process.


1.Promoting personal and intellectual development of students, the formation of the ability to self-education and self-development.
2.Providing psychological assistance to students in their successful socialization in a rapidly developing information society.
3.Providing an individual approach to each student on the basis of psychological and pedagogical study of his personality.
4.Psychological diagnostics and development of students ' creative potential.
5.Implementation of psycho-correction work to solve psychological difficulties and problems of students.
6.Mental health of students.
7.Providing advice to parents and teachers in solving psychological problems and in choosing the best methods of educational work.
8.Increase of psychological and pedagogical competence of subjects of educational process.

Psycho-logical service of the College carries out its activities in psychodiagnostic, Advisory, educational-preventive, correctional-developing and social-dispatching directions.

Fragments of work with students

Fragments of work with parents

Fragments of work with the teaching staff