To help a freshman

Student face of the College

Dear freshmen!

We hope That you will usefully spend years of study in College and become a high-class specialist. The memo you read will allow you to better navigate and plan your time during the first, very important year. Remember That your ability to organize your classes in a decisive degree will depend On your further success.

Your classes will be held in accordance with the working curriculum. The schedule of classes Can be found on the Bulletin Board at the College, as well as on the College website

The academic year at the College is divided into two semesters:

  • 1 semester - from September 1 to December 31
  • 2 semester - from January 15 to June 30.

At the end of each semester there is an intermediate certification in the form of final tests and exams (examination session).

The winter session is held in December, and at its end comes the winter holidays, which last two weeks.

The summer session is held in June and the summer holidays are in July and August (except for weeks for senior practice).

During the semester, students are trained in the disciplines provided by the curriculum of this semester and practical or seminar classes are held.

At the end of each calendar month, all disciplines are certified. Students who have more than three non-certifications are not allowed to take credits.

On tests and exams must be written at the scheduled time to the gradebook. To retake the exam (test), students must write an application and receive an individual referral for retake in the academic part.

The student is obliged to take care of the student card and record book. Independent entries, corrections, smearing stroke student in the record book are not allowed.

Valid is the assessment put down in the examination or test sheet.

If you get sick (both during classes and during the session), you must provide the educational part of the medical certificate of the prescribed form and warn the master of industrial training or class teacher.

Absence on test or exam on the day indicated in the schedule, is regarded as a failing grade if the missing doctor's note to be excused from classes for illness (reference not seen). After delivery of the medical certificate to the curator, if necessary, the session is extended for a maximum period of 2 weeks only upon written application of the student.

In each group, a headman is appointed from among the most active, successful and disciplined students (with the consent of the group).

The head of the group reports directly to the curator or Deputy Director, brings to the attention of the group all the instructions and orders of the College administration.

The study week for students is six working days-from Monday to Saturday inclusive.

The beginning of classes from 9.00, every Wednesday there is a class hour, the presence of which is mandatory.

Attendance of students in accordance with the schedule of classes is mandatory.

Remember that without the appropriate permission of the Director or SHOULD not miss classes (in all their forms).

Tardiness for classes and premature departure from classes without a valid reason is not allowed.

Appearance of the student who has arrived on occupations, should be strict and neat.

At the entrance of the teacher to the classroom, the student is obliged to stand up.

During the lesson is not allowed violation of discipline, noise and conversation. The teacher has the right to remove from the audience a student who violates the academic discipline.

The student appeared in the classroom in a state of intoxication shall be liable to exception.

A student who is seen using drugs and distributing them is subject to expulsion.

Students seen gambling in College are subject to expulsion.

Smoking is prohibited within the walls of the College. Foul language, disrespectful attitude to the administration, teachers, classmates and students of other groups are unacceptable within the walls of the College.

It is forbidden to be in classes at the College in outerwear and sportswear.

It is unacceptable to use mobile phones during classes.

All students participate in the social life of the College, in social events held by the institution.

Students are required to take care of the property of the College. In case of damage, the student is obliged to compensate for the damage.

A College student is personally responsible for violation and non-compliance with the internal regulations.

For violation Of the rules of internal regulations to the student at the discretion of the administration can be applied the following disciplinary measures: remark, reprimand, strict, expulsion from the number of College students.