Karplyuk Lubov

MSPE "Bohr Vocational and Technical College"

Teacher of Russian language and literature

The highest category


Course: I

Topic: The severity of the conflict in the drama "Thunderstorm". Conviction "tyranny" of brute force and ignorance.

Type of: Deepening and systematization of knowledge.

Lesson type:lesson shows.

During the lesson, improving the ability to analyze a dramatic work. Students determine the structural elements of drama composition, analyzed the main stages of the life of Catherine, which led her to suicide, looking for an answer to the problematic question. The result of the lesson will be writing an essay in which students reflect not only the life of the heroine of a work of art, but also on the causes of suicide in general.

goal: Answer the problem question: "The death of Catherine Kabanovoy- is its victory over the" dark kingdom "or defeat?"

Lesson Resources:computer, multimedia equipment, presentation(DOWNLOAD)Excerpts teleplay,

During the classes.

1.Organizatsionny moment.

Greeting report elder's readiness and visiting groups. Mental attitude of students for the lesson.

2.Aktualizatsiya knowledge of students.

1.Frontalny survey in the form of the game "Auction" ( "Who is better?")(Annex 1)

  1. Summary of the results of the game.

III. Explanation of the new material. (Accompanied by a display of presentation)

And now we move on to a new topic of the lesson "The severity of the conflict in the drama" Thunderstorm ". Conviction "tyranny" of brute force and ignorance. ". (Slide 1)

Conflict. What does this word mean?

New topic try to hold in the form of the well-known program "Let them talk." Let today's lesson, say the heroes of the drama, and will help us to understand, among whom there was a conflict? What is its sharpness? Who is responsible for the death of Catherine? So on the air TV show "Let Them Talk" and with you, I, your teacher of literature, Karplyuk LF Epigraph lesson we took the words "Fear ... is indifferent to their acquiescence in the earth of treachery and murder." By these words we turn to you at the end of the lesson. Pay attention to them. (Slide 2)

We will talk about the true story, and in particular the suicide of Katerina Kabanova, which occurred in Kalinowo. A young woman, married, falls under the despotism of her mother in law. The husband is afraid and power-loving mother can not protect his wife. Catherine fell in love with Boris and secretly meets with him. But Boris, too, can not protect his beloved and can not take it with you. He leaves, and Katerina in despair rushes into the whirlpool. How did this happen? Who has pushed to the maelstrom of the young, a woman full of life. Try to understand.

To us came Kuligin, tradesman, self-taught watchmaker. (Slayd3) .Skazhite, you said once that in your town brutal manners. Why? In what way?

Kuligin:In this city, the basis of human relations - material dependence. Where money talks, and power belongs to those who have more capital. Profit and enrichment are the purpose and meaning of life for most of the city Kalinov. Because of the money they quarrel among themselves and interfere with each other: "I really spent, and it will be a lot of money." Even I am aware of the power of money, I dream of millions to talk on equal terms with the rich.
Teacher:So, money Kalinowo give power. Before all rich timid, so their cruelty and tyranny is no limit. Wildlife and Kabaniha the richest people of the city. How do they relate to all the people around them?

Kuligin:Oh, they inhibit not only their employees, but also relatives. Unquestioning obedience to elders, in their opinion, is the foundation of family life, and everything that is happening inside the house, except the family should not touch anyone. Tyranny "masters of life" manifests itself in different ways. Wild open rude and inconsiderate, can not live without abuse and abuse. Man for him - the worm: "I want to - I have pity, I want to - crush." He enriched, ruining the wage-workers, and he does not consider it a crime. "Do not pay in addition I have them on some penny per person, and I have drawn from it a thousand" - he boastfully said the mayor, who is himself from his addiction. Kabaniha also hides its true nature behind a mask of righteousness, and the plagues nagging and accusations and their children, and a daughter. In a word, "Hypocrite, sir! Beggars apportion, and home devoured completely. "

Teacher: Is that true? Let's ask the wildest. (Slide 4)

Teacher .: You hear clearly what you are accused. Is it so?

wildlife:Brad wild! Who oppresses them. Do not confuse them from under the feet of me, I would not say a word to them. Here, take his nephew Boris. I told him, no matter where I was, he was right there. Take care of business, I say, and he told me insolent.

Teacher: Is it so? Attention to the screen. (Film fragment)

So why do you pounced on Boris. After all, he'll nephew.

wildlife:And what's nephew. If it is I will have to check out, I'll have him and his sister to give some capital, so the grandmother bequeathed. And I will not give anything. I have my own children there.

Leading:Nobody better not say a hero than he was about himself. As Savage exposes himself?

wildlife:(Read an excerpt from the play of roles)

Leading:Who do you think is worthy of respect in your city-Kalinowo?

wildlife:Certainly madam Kabanova. One she can understand me, one is "I can talk."

Leading:What is it you can "talk"? Maybe because it is akin to the spiritual you been? We were on the talk show came Barbara, her daughter. After the suicide of Katerina, she ran away with her fiance. But he agreed to come to us.

(In Barbara) .Skazhite you close contact with Katherine, did you know about her feelings themselves have arranged a meeting with Boris Catherine. What do you tell us about Katherine. What was your relationship with the deceased?

Varya:Very close. I was aware of all her affairs, she consulted with me.

Teacher:What can you say about the person who died?

Varya:Strange it was! It is not like the others. It is very conscientious. I did not know how to lie, and because her husband and mother in law told me everything. The god is very strong and has been believed. Once in her childhood offended by something, she ran away to the Volga, sat in the boat and all night "riding". The next day found ten miles. I do it all with a bird comparing - with a large white bird. Once she said to me: "From what people do not fly like a bird: You know, I sometimes think that I am a bird ... That would be so scattered and flew away." But free as a bird hit the iron cage. And I fought and longed until cleared. Now her soul is free.

Teacher:Do you think that would be for Katie another way?

Varvara:I think yes! It is silent, although its nature can not be avoided it was death. Here are her words: 'If I'm very opostynet here, so it will not keep me any force. thrown away, I throw myself into the Volga "in the window.

Teacher: Thank you.

Kuligin: I told you so:"The brutal manners prevail in our city, cruel! Greed, envy, spiritual impoverishment is firmly rooted here. In philistinism you nothing but rudeness poverty sheepskin not see. That's what our town! All gates are locked and lowered dogs. And not from thieves, they are locked, and so people do not know how they eat their home but eating family tyranny. And tears pouring down these bars, unseen and unheard! And behind these bars of dark depravity yes drinking! And hush and hush - no one sees and knows nothing, sees only one God! And the injured character was a freedom-loving, independent, and that she could not resist. Please note these circumstances in the course of the investigation. "

wildlife:What are you sitting here ryadite? Who is allowed? Who will give? I'm in the head, I have money, I judge! I want - I have pity, I want to - crush. And this is your Kuligin - snapper. Derzhavin somehow blackmailed. But for this it to the mayor! And even in Siberia. All to Siberia! What do you know, democracy divorced! A Kabaniha - my godfather. Do not touch me!

Teacher:Husband said zhena- and one of Satan. Let's listen to Catherine Tikhon-husband. (In Tikhon). Have you tried to protect his mother from the attacks of his wife?

Tikhon:Yes Check they have quite doted escape. Do I have to the defense?

Teacher:So, no. What did you tell my wife, when she begged you to take her on a trip?

Tikhon:"You're still impose"

Teacher:What were you doing out of town?

Tikhon:I walked all the way, and in Moscow was walking, so "that too was done on the whole year! Not once about the house, and it is not remembered. "

Teacher:What is a "walking"?

Tikhon:Yes, drinking, of course!

Investigator:What did you tell Kuligin when he advised his wife to forgive you?

Tikhon:"Yes, you must understand, Kuligin, then I would be nothing but a mama, is conspiring with her? How could my own will to live! "

Teacher:Do you beat your wife?

Tikhon: Upon arrival, broke a little, and that Mama ordered.

Teacher: So, Tikhon Kabanov, you were not a support for his wife. This spineless man, a drunkard, in all obey mama. Is Katerina love such a man could? She tried to struggle, but he pushed her Tikhon. And this was one of the reasons for the death of a young woman.

Teacher: All my life there is a conflict of children and fathers, daughters in law and svekrovok. Marfa Kabanova in-law agreed to come to our program. Marfa, why are you trying to humiliate Catherine in front of people?

Kabanov:So as not to become conceited. I like everything to me in the house obeyed, they feared. A lot of the young will have taken, the old order do not know at all, do not respect elders.

Teacher:Why do you constantly plagued her insults, reproaches?

Kabanov:For disobedience, disrespect. Proud she was hurt, independent. But I hostess - all I have to obey. My money - and will, and my laws.

Teacher:Why do not you let her son to pull Catherine?

Kabanov:Here's another! Because of it, but destroy themselves if it's worth it. Only he said: "Damn, the world you go, pull out: you look."

Teacher:And he willed person, of course you obeyed. And what about the person I love Boris. Where was he? Why do not Kuligin fled with his favorite, did not rise to her defense?

(Boris turns).

Teacher (Boris): We know that Catherine had with you a secret relationship. What can you say about your relationship with Katerina Kabanova?

Boris: I loved Kate. We met with her just ten days when Tikhon Ivanovich went to Moscow on business mama. Then it was all over.

Teacher: Who gave you to know about leaving her husband of Catherine?

Boris: Varvara Ivanovna, and she was all arranged.

Teacher: What you said Katya, when you first met?

Boris: After I married, because I live with my husband to the grave.

Teacher: Kate asked you to take it with me to Siberia. Why you refused it?

Boris:Not by choice I to Siberia something went: Uncle sent.

Teacher:Thus, it turns out that you have thrown his sweetheart in the lurch. So, gentlemen, another cause of death of Catherine - it is cowardice, lack of will of her lover.

And now listen to the opinion of critics, present in the studio. (Slide 7) We present critic Dobrolyubov. Your opinion on the case.(Annex 3).

Teacher:How to present the students are looking at this issue?(Appendix 4)

Teacher: We will offer another word of the guests present. (Slide 8)(Appendix 5)

Teacher:I want to conclude my speech by referring to the epigraph of the lesson. (Slide 2) "Fear ... is indifferent to their acquiescence in the earth of treachery and murder." At this time, with their consent, suicide was the result of their inaction. He killed a man who did not succumb to violence and oppression. Kateriny- death is a protest, even if he is weak, but the "dark kingdom" is not so omnipotent. Ostrovsky showed weak people who could not fight for our future, and therefore not worthy of a better life.

"If the fight does not come with a scoundrel, an executioner, then in life you had nothing to do, nothing to do" (Vladimir Vysotsky). And to be in my life to do with it - it's scary.

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Working with the group:(Appendix 2)

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VI Homework:

Write an essay on "Fear indifferent"