Pedagogical cyclic commission -

engineering and teaching staff is divided into 4 CCP:

  1. CRC teachers of general subjects (head Akhmetov BK ..) Subject CCP: "Competence approach in teaching the subjects of general education cycle in the implementation of the main directions of the Program of development of education system."
  2. CCP masters of industrial training (head Streltsov DA) Subject CCP: "Improving the level of pedagogical skill of masters of inservice training, their erudition and competence."
  3. CCP teachers of special subjects (head Filipenko OG) Subject CCP "Improving quality of vocational training through the learning content and the learning process for the preparation of the competitive expert."
  4. CRC class teachers (head Kiesler OV.) Subject CCP:. "Formation of professional competence of class teachers to work with students, parents, classroom collective through the introduction of a student-centered approach"


Kostanay bald әkіmdіgі Bilim

baskarmasynyң "Kәmshat Dөnenbaeva atyndaғy kәsіptіk-tehikalyқ College" kommunaldyқ Memlekettik қazynalyқ kәsіporny


Municipal State Enterprise "Vocational and Technical College of Kamshat Donenbaevoy" Education Department of Kostanay region



bіrlestіk otyrysynda қaraldy / Methodological Council at the meeting

"" 2019 g

_____________ Zhanarstanova MN


Kolledzhdi Director / College Director

_____________ VF Kozhukhovskaya

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On the cycle (subject) methodical commission


  1. General Provisions

The cycle (objective) methodical commission is the main organizational and creative division of the college, which is engaged in training and methodological support of educational process in specific areas of knowledge and academic subjects.

SSC combines a number of teachers of related subjects. CCP is organized as a part of at least 3 teaching staff - members of the commission.

The list of cyclic methodical commissions established director of the College for the academic year.

Personal structure of the cyclic methodical commission approved by the director of the college.

The direct management of the work of implementing the CRC chairman of the commission appointed by the Director for the academic year of the institution of the number of experienced teachers. Overall direction of the cyclic college fees by the Chairman of methodical College Board.

CRC work is carried out according to the plan approved by the Chairman of the Methodological Council for the academic year. Meetings of the subject committee shall meet at least once every two months.


  1. The main activities of the CRC
  2. Develop a working curricula and training modules; manuals, recommendations for the study of individual subjects and disciplines sections, practical work, the organization of independent work of students and others.
  3. Provision of training technology, the choice of means and methods of teaching, innovative teaching technologies.
  4. Improvement of methodical and professional skills of teachers, updating of their professional skills, assist beginning teachers, making suggestions for teachers certification, members of the CCP.
  5. Study, generalization and introduction in educational process of new educational technologies, tools and methods of training and education, training, implementation and discussion of open sessions.
  6. Management of scientific and creative work of students.
  7. Consideration and review of curricula, textbooks and manuals, videos and other teaching aids.
  8. Development of common requirements for the content of the work of academic disciplines cabinets, consider and discuss plans for the work of teachers and trainers, holding open lesson plans and other materials related to the competence of the cycle (the subject) methodical commission.
  9. Functions of CCP
  10. Understanding of software and methodological requirements, orders and instructions of the higher authorities of education, health, and their timely and correct making available to each teacher.
  11. The introduction of the achievements of advanced pedagogical experience, sharing of valuable pedagogical findings.
  12. Implementation and use of the achievements and recommendations of psychological and pedagogical sciences.
  13. Analysis of specific educational process and its results.
  14. Prevention and overcoming the shortcomings and difficulties in the teaching activities of teachers and trainers.
  15. Formation of readiness for professional self-education, self-improvement of teachers.
  16. Development of theoretical, practical competence of the teacher.
  17. The contents and forms of

The choice of activities is to provide an organic combination of theoretical knowledge with practical exercises; interaction with more experienced teachers with young; use as scientific advances and methodological findings of practitioners:

- meeting to discuss the content of the new programs;

- discussion on the new teaching materials and new educational literature; study of regulatory documents;

- practical individual and group sessions to discuss the basic requirements for employment in the renovation of vocational education;

- holding open sessions, which will be shown how to implement the tasks set before college, effective teaching methods;

- the distribution of orders, taking into account the prevailing interest for a systematic overview of the new pedagogical publications and periodicals;

- determination of the materials, which during the year, each teacher hires methodical office: reports, methodical, analytical tables, educational allowances, independent work of the student;

- orders that CCP members must fulfill in order to participate in the work of obschekolledzhnyh forms of methodical work;

- monitoring and analysis of students' knowledge, to develop common standards and requirements for assessing and reviewing tests, identification of difficulties experienced by the teacher to further improve the training and education of students and provide guidance to teachers;

- discussion of the results of work on the study, synthesis and dissemination of PPO;

- discussion of the subject circles, conferencing, nose, professional skills contests, etc .;

- preparation, consideration and discussion of examination materials for translated exams and materials to the final state certification.

Meetings of the CCP are planned every two months and may be conducted in the form of theoretical seminars, discussions, business games, round tables, master classes and other. Open class, preparation of reports, work on creating CMD discipline, development of recommendations and exchange of experience of circle work and practical classes with beginning teachers, carrying out control sections of knowledge, skills and abilities of students and other work is planned in the intersectional period as the preparatory work for the meeting of the CRC.


  1. Duties of the chairman of the cyclic methodical commission
  2. Organization of the work cycle (the subject) methodical commission.
  3. Drawing up workplans CCP.
  4. Study of the commission members, the organization of control over the quality of teaching, the organization vzaimoposescheny training teachers, leadership training and open discussion sessions.
  5. Organization of systematic verification of the implementation of previous decisions by the Commission and report on the results of checks at the meetings of the commission.


  1. Paperwork
  2. Work Plan.
  3. Minutes of the meetings.
  4. Reports of the Commission work for the semester and year.
  5. Methodical developments, reports, publications, and others.