Approved by order of the

Director of 03.10.2017 year № 58


Anti-corruption standard of behavior of civil servants of the municipal state enterprise Borovskaya vocational and technical College



Municipal state-owned enterprise "Borovsk vocational College" Of the Department of education of the akimat of Kostanay region

(name of organization)

1. The name of the sphere of public relations is Education.

2.The name of the developer of the anti-corruption standard is Municipal state-owned enterprise "Borovsk vocational College" Of the Department of education of the akimat of Kostanay region.

3. Rules of conduct (actions) of persons working in a separate sphere of public relations

3.1. when exercising the rights and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities in the area affected by the anti-corruption standard:

be guided by the principle of legality in accordance with the Constitution, laws and other regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

exercise state control and supervision in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

to ensure observance and protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens and legal entities, to consider in the order and terms established by the legislation, appeals of citizens, to take necessary measures on them;

not to allow to demand not provided documents, and it is equal to avoid all red tape (bureaucracy) in the course of rendering the state services and other allowing functions;

to be impartial and independent from the activities of political parties, public and religious associations in the exercise of official powers;

in cases of establishment of discrepancy in normative legal acts and discrepancies, immediately to inform in the corresponding authorized body developing this normative legal act;

to constantly take measures to improve the quality of public services, fully focusing on the needs of the population as a consumer of public services;

not to disclose information received in the performance of official duties, affecting the personal life, honor and dignity of citizens, and not to require them to provide such information, except for cases provided by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

3.2. in preparing and making management and other decisions within its competence:

not allowing conflicts of interest, and in case of their occurrence to take measures to eliminate them in accordance with the legislation;

when carrying out control measures and other actions implying a decision, consider issues objectively, make decisions solely in accordance with the legislation.

when making decisions within the competence of a civil servant not to accept any material goods, services and other privileges associated with the performance of their legal duties;

exercise powers within the limits of the rights granted to them and in accordance with official duties;

To observe confidentiality and to provide official and commercial secret on the rendered state services;

Not to give preference to individuals and legal entities, to be independent of their influence in the performance of official duties;

Strictly observe labor discipline, effectively dispose of the powers granted; conscientiously, impartially and efficiently perform their duties; rationally use working time;

3.3. when making proposals for the preparation of draft regulations:

when making proposals for the preparation of regulatory legal acts, strictly adhere to the provisions of the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 6, 2016 No. 480-V SAM "on legal acts»;

do not allow the adoption of regulatory legal acts in order to benefit themselves or third parties;

should be addressed to an indefinite circle of persons or to individually defined persons;

3.4. in other relationships arising depending on the specifics of the sphere of life:

- to resist actions that harm the interests of the state, hinder or reduce the efficiency of the functioning of state bodies;

- to prevent the Commission of misdemeanors and other offenses for which the law provides for disciplinary, administrative or criminal liability;

- observe business etiquette and rules of official conduct;

- when making decisions on business matters and performing their work duties to be guided by the interests of the College-without taking into account their personal interests, the interests of their relatives and friends;

- avoid situations and circumstances that may lead to a conflict of interest;

- to prevent or take other measures to prevent violations of the norms of service ethics by other civil servants;

- refrain from discussing personal and professional qualities of colleagues, discrediting their honor and dignity in the team;

- in the course of execution of orders of heads of structural divisions of College to provide only objective and reliable data;

4. Other restrictions and prohibitions:

If a civil servant has information about a corruption offense, he must take the necessary measures to prevent and stop such an offense, including immediately informing in writing the superior, the management of the College in which he works, the authorized state bodies. The civil servant is also obliged to inform immediately in writing the specified persons and bodies about cases of inducement of it by other persons to Commission of corruption offenses;

receive in connection with the performance of official duties remuneration from individuals and legal entities (gifts, monetary remuneration, services, payment of entertainment, recreation, transportation costs and other remuneration);

To use the official powers and the opportunities connected with them for receiving personal property and non property benefit 

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