The international day of tolerance is celebrated annually on 16 November. This day was solemnly proclaimed in the "Declaration of principles of tolerance" of UNESCO. The Declaration proclaims "recognition that human beings are inherently different in appearance, position, speech, behaviour and values and have the right to live in peace and to preserve their individuality".

In order to implement the Address of the Head of state, improve the effectiveness of the development of physical culture and sports, Patriotic education and promotion of healthy lifestyles, within the "year of youth" on November 7, 2019, students of the kgkp "Kamshat Donenbayeva Vocational College" under the guidance of physical culture teacher Valery Yakimenko took part in the challenge on Nordic walking "we Walk together".

From October 28 to November 1, the College held a subject week dedicated to the specialty "Accountant". As part of the week, the master of industrial training Arbuzova O. A. held an extracurricular event "Accounting KVN", where students competed in the knowledge of accounting, Economics, as well as showed ingenuity, ingenuity and quickness of reaction. Masters of industrial training Borisova L. V., Leonov A.V. and teacher of special disciplines Filipenko O. G. demonstrated open lessons in the disciplines of the specialty.