SCCP "Borovsk vocational College" is one of the oldest in the region. His birth certificate was issued back in 1935, when the rapid development of domestic engineering and the village began to receive tractors "Universal", "sgz", " HTZ "from Leningrad, Stalingrad, Kharkov tractor plants, as well as trailed combines "Kommunar", "stalinets" from Zaporozhye, Saratov, Rostov on don. MTS was organized.
To control the equipment needed mechanized personnel-tractor and combine harvesters. For this purpose, the MRSHK ( Interdistrict collective farm school of mechanization) was opened in Borovsky in 1935. Training was conducted in the specialties: beekeepers, accountants, field breeders for the entire region.
The school was located on the territory of the former cinema "Cosmos". It was a two-story log cabin, a turf-roofed dugout served as a blacksmith's shop, the workshops were in a one-story barracks.
The first Director and founder of the school of mechanization was Kosaev Nurakhmet, later accused of undermining the economic power and opposition of collective farms to Soviet power. He was rehabilitated and acquitted in 1957. Today, the street on which the College is named After N. Kosaev, and on the facade of the building is attached a memorial plaque to N. Kosaev.
Since 1940, the school prepares 3-month courses for combine harvesters and drivers, 6-month courses for tractor drivers.
There was no hostel and the students lived in apartments, but there was already a dining room where students received 3 meals a day. For industrial training, the school used combines "stalinets", wheeled tractor "Universal", tracked CHTZ-60 and ZIS machines.