About Kamshat Donenbayeva Museum

To preserve and increase spiritual and cultural values is the main goal of the work on the program article of the President "Bolashakka bagdar: Ruhani zhangyru" ("Course to the future: spiritual renewal"). The opening of museums in colleges is one of the directions for the implementation of the program article of the President.In the modern rhythm of life, we forget about the true values of life, and sometimes do not think about what will remain of us for the edification of future generations of people. The main mission of preserving social memory, continuity of generations are museums. The Museum in kgkp "Kamshat Donenbayeva Vocational College" was established in 2018. His discovery was preceded by a large search and research work. This Museum is about the Hero of Socialist Labor, an outstanding woman, a native of Kostanay region Kamshat Donenbayeva, whose name has become a national pride. Here is the life of Kamshat Baigazinovna: as a young rural girl took the first steps to fame, became a great professional in her field, received public recognition and the highest awards of the country for her devoted and selfless work, was honored three times to be elected a Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and a delegate to three party congresses. The Museum contains materials from the personal archive of Kamshat Donenbayeva, newspaper and magazine publications of different periods, works of art, the book "Kamshat", memories of relatives, friends, associates, colleagues. This material can have an enduring value in the educational process, it can become the basis of civic education, will allow students to realize their involvement in history

Recognition and well-deserved score came to Kamshat Baigazinova in life. And it is our duty to preserve her name for future generations.