The year of volunteering is gaining momentum!
The winter turned out to be snowy, each owner organizes his own work on removing snow from his yard on his personal farmstead.
But there is a category of residents of our village who are not able to do this work themselves. The volunteer movement in the College has gained great momentum. our students have helped more than 20 pensioners, not only clean the snow, but also lift and stack firewood, and help with the housework.
They are greeted with joy by our pensioners and say words of gratitude for good initiatives.

In February of the 2019 - 2020 academic year, our College held a professional week of electric and gas Welders and Electricians. Its main goal was to develop students ' interest in their chosen profession.

During the week, groups of electric and gas Welders and Electricians demonstrated their knowledge, skills and abilities in the selected specialties.

Congratulations on the beginning of the week of professions and the presentation "my vocation is a welder" met participants and guests on the first day at the solemn line. The opening of the welding week was held by a teacher of special disciplines Skorokhodov I. F.

Thanksgiving Campaign»

Within the framework of the decade "self-Knowledge: Pedagogy of Love and Creativity", the College organized the action "Thanksgiving". Students visited apartments of pensioners, war and labor veterans. They cleaned the snow, carried firewood, and cleaned the house. It was really an act of kindness, Children with a sense of accomplishment, and adults with a sense of gratitude.

"Afghanistan is my pain»

The event was held with the main goal of fostering love and respect for their people, the history of the country, and respect for veterans and internationalist soldiers. Formation of an active civil position among teenagers, intolerance to any kind of violence.

Action to support a large family of forty and her son Maxim Soroka.

Within the framework of the decade " self-knowledge: pedagogy of love and creativity ", 1st year students of the P-14 group offered students to provide financial assistance to a large family and its great disabled Maxim. The teachers did not stay away either. The campaign ended with a visit to forty apartments. The boy enjoyed it immensely.

And the students decided to contact this family, help them go home and take care of Maxim.